The sun rose

Above the castle walls

With an ache

A reminder

Of what it felt like

To be on the inside


Safe in belonging

Inside a fortress

Where my song was heard

Soaked in for the gift it was

An offering

To my reflection


My whole


The Highlands

Golden valleys tapered

With heather yet to bloom

Anxious to share

Her beauty

But waits

Creating a time lapse

For wanderers

To get lost in the Scottish hills

Spring calls

Sun peeks through

Evidence of what’s yet to come

Engrossed in magnificence

Here a stolen kiss or two

Knowing they were captive

Cradled by a force

And beckoned

By some ancient lovers tune

They held hands 

And watched it’s beauty

Then time stood still



The Scottish Highlands 

~My Photography 

Common Ground

Common ground

Forges bonds

In kindreds

Of word craft

Where words

Are not just words

They are the fabric

Of a kiss

Woven into

One anothers

Heart and soul

Where understanding


Where night blooms

In our darkest times

And loves barbed thorns

Are lamented in grief

And we are here to share

To help one another

Tow the line

Who says we aren’t real?

I’m as real as the words

I write

(Photo from Internet)

Wild Current


(Photo from Internet)

Some days

you feel like a phenomenon

Other days one of a trillion

Some days

You don’t feel anything at all

While others you feel

The weight of the world

Some days

Love and beauty

Have you blown away

While others it seems 

It’s disappeared completely

And some days

you’d give anything

To not be tossed and turned

By the waves

Of your heart

While others

You’d be happy

To just drift off

In its wild current

Graduated Scars

Like graduated scars

Upon his back

Levels of pain

Some more tolerable

Others more alive

With memory

An echo

Leaving trails of promises

Towards healing

A lifeline 

For a heavy heart

Coaxing the pain

To sink to the depths

They must go

To debride the wounds

Once and for all

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The Littlest of Things

I mourn for a love

I do not even know exists

Yet I holdfast

And cling to each modicum

Released to my senses

In birdsong

In a stormy sky

That lifts at dusk

In a word of compassion

Through sacred

Yet briefest of touches

My morsels of raw value

That move me and


By heaven

That what I seek for

I will find


Thankful Monday 

(I know it’s crazy, but it’s true)

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Today I reached a 100 followers on WordPress and just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for everyone’s love this past month!  

Entiretyinbits is my baby.  I love how she sees the world.  She helps me to see spring where some days it’s easy to feel taken over by winter.  She is my feeler, my expresser and she gives me permission to unfurl my truth day by day as I need.  So it’s an honour you would want to be a part of her… Or, ahem, my, or rather…. Our Journey. 

The world is our paper, our minds are the ink.  Here’s to filling up many more pages together!

~Entirety xo

Unlock Me #PoetryInMotion

Unlock me

And speak freedom

Over me

So this incessant waiting

My rattling at the door

Of new beginnings

Can be heard

And heeded

The tension of anticipation


As the taut

Strings of life

Ache to be played

And I no longer have to wonder

What place I will hold

In this world

Photo from poetry prompt for #poetryinmotion


She threatened

To drip away

Into the soil

Leach away

To hide underground

In the cracks

Left by drought

Carried deeper

Into darkness

Till water came

Softening her shell

Warming her

Protective layers

Letting her sprout

Seeking light again

All because

Of a nurturing hand

(Photo from the Internet)