If I showed up at your door

Where would you start

To undress my heart? 

Would you start with my mouth

To prompt it’s permission?

Or with my ears

To hear your request 

Would you roam further 

To my neck, with a caress

Or across my dress to my breast?

To the soft flesh above my waist

My heart loosening in its case

Between my thighs 

Where many oathes lie

May give you what you seek 

Especially deep 

Going down 

Exploring round

That may strip me complete

With a long reach down my legs

You twinkle my toes

We smile and giggle knowing full well 

My heart is released

From fear and restrictions 

From all inhibitions

Ready to be yours


©Entirety 2014

(photo found on Pinterest)

Lovers Death

Never did two sorrows meet

 Upon the hill,

Where lovers greet 

A death that brought

The two as one

Lead them down

A different route 

Where lust and love,

The lost divine

Scooped them up 

Refined and fired

©Entirety 2014

(Photo from google images)

Fragrant Touch


You touch me

In clouds of jasmine


My mind

Captivating my body

A trail of gooseflesh

In your wake

Unravelling my sin

to turn our vessels

Upside right

To be filled

With the delicious meal

Of a lovers tryst

©Entirety 2015

(Photo from theflowerexpert.com)

Fading Memories

Put your hand written memories

Out in the sun

And let the ink fade away

At each passing day

(Photo from deviantart.com)

Eyes Widen

I watch your eyes widen

A deep blue intensity

Of the sea inside

Building violently

As your knees grow weak

And your groans release

In the air between us

And then the sky explodes

In a swell

That leaves me breathless

To feel you once more

(Photo from photobucket.com)


A must I think

No other way

Then face

The monsters

And watch them play

Devouring dreams

And happiness

When they are full

I’ll be free

The Sea

The sea captivates me

Its tepid water

The mist

As waves crash against the rocks

The remnants of salt on lips and skin

And the power of its tide

Drawing me out to sea

To forget the world and be solely

Owned by its presence

(Photo from Internet)


A restful slumber to rely upon

Like deadfall in the forest I am still

Soaking in the silence

Succumbing to the peace

Making the noise of the day

Fade away with the setting sun

(Photo from http://forum.china.org.cn/viewthread.php?tid=15058)