Poetry of Flesh

Where words lack

my body does not

With each breath

A soulful attempt to compel

With my heart beat

A yearning expressed

My skin

An exquisite parchment

To express the ways

My body must confess

The depth I feel for you

My lips move

In rhythm to brush with yours

The meaning of ardent want

In violence

With every thrust

Words grasping the depth of trust

And moans and sighs

A finale

To the poetry of flesh

(photo from tumblr)

©Entirety 2015

Waded In ~ Swept Away

I waded in a river

High from spring flooding

I was swept away

And gasped

For the exhilaration

Was almost

Too much to survive

But then I landed

In an ocean

Sea salt

Fresh water combined

And I knew

The careening path

To this wide open abyss

I could never experience again

So instead I drifted away


Remembering the bliss

(Photo by Toni Frissell)

©Entirety 2015

She’ll Know

She’ll know

When the calm descends

When she can feel again

The own beating

Of her heart

Inside of his

She’ll hear his voice

And know where she belongs

Inside of his song

She’ll feel rest

From the struggle

Of pushing away

No desire to flee

Only to be

What she was meant

To be

For him and him alone 

(Photo by http://www.velvetowlphotogrsphy.com)

©Entirety 2015


You dig beneath me

This face I show

You go beyond

Where others would go

You see me as I am

Ferocious and hungry

And wonderfully damned

(Photo from tumblr)

©Entirety 2014

She’s Not Ready

Not ready to pour her heart

Into his well

She clings

To the cold dank stone

Tears seeping

Through the seams

Threatening one slip

Into his depths

Unable to let go

And fall into his abyss

(Photo from Pinterest)

©Entirety 2015

Star Fire 

I felt the sear as a balm

For my anesthetized heart

A rebirth

In drops of starfire

Relighting places

Where precious warmth had waned

And I absorbed this new sky

That rained possibility

And found a hearth

To share my flame

Where love

Could be felt again


(Photo Colours of the Night by Dariusz Kakomy)

©Entirety 2015

Stale Air

Jolted from sleep

A thunderclap

Inside my dream

Startling my heart

Robbing me of peace

Testing my will

To grasp what’s now

To breathe the air

Before me

And not the stale air

Of a time gone by

(Photo from tumblr)

©Entirety 2015

Weaving Dreams

Between the treesWeaving dreams

Chasing sleep

To find myself

Next to you

Fleeing chaos

Gripping peace

(Photo from tumblr)

©Entirety 2015


I saw the sky

Reflected in your heart

Changing colors

As your day hemmed me in

From a gentle blue

Hand held

Caressed so soft

To an indigo depth

Where you led

Me into your soul

And twilight broke at dawn

With our exquisite hues

(Photo from Flickr – sunrise in Koh Lipe, Thailand)

©Entirety 2015