I Belong To You Now ~ a duet

Antony Ros

Tender, would my heart be, if only set free
Would you, care to look at me
Would you, open your eyes to see
What my soul, bares for thee

If I looked at thee
I fear my heart would see
What I have always yearned for
And never thought would be

Like the sun that warms a spring day
Embraced in arms, these arms that weigh
Troubles whoa, is a tragedy we say
I say, let go and come my way

To fly into your arms
What a joy that would be
What holds me back?
The other who came before me

The past is past, let’s let it be
We’ll never know true love, unless free
Free to take desires wanton glee
Take my hands and come to me

So easy to say, yet not to do
With her scent still clinging, still upon you
Still, I’m desperate for…

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