a new future

Flames of green and blue

Engulfing elements

Hammering a new future out 

Awe inspiring design

Refined as gold

Pressed as diamond

©Entirety 2014

(Photo from Pintetest)


The eclipsed sun
It’s radiance
And wonder
Ill defined
In comparison
To the fire
In my soul
As we dance

©Entirety 2014

(Photo from tumblr)

Body Of Intrigue

A mystery of wonder
Body of intrigue
The book of woman implicit
Desirous to be
Explored, studied
Poured over
And loved

©Entirety 2015

(Photo credit to hystericalliterature.com )

Tear drop #MadVerse

You questioned
Your strength
When all the pieces
Fell apart
Led you astray
Into a fight
You didn’t know
If you had enough
Reserves running low
With each tear drop
that fell
It ran you dry
Wondering when
You’d feel able
To get through the dark
To the light inside yourself
But I promise you
Even through this
You have always shined bright

©Entirety 2015

same old

One step

This way

Then that

Every view

The same as the last

Take my name down

For a taste

Of something new

A flavour that doesn’t

Disappear after your first bite

The morsel that leaves you

Begging for more

The kind of meal

That lingers

From today

To all your tomorrows

Are the days gone

That speak of forever?

Because I need a bite

Then everything that follows

Not just a speck

Of what could be

©Entirety 2015


The last fallen leaf

Reaches the ground

Drifting no more

Along its deadened path

Arranged as scattered tombstones

Life flatlined

Composting the remnants

Of spring, summers & autumns

Last breaths

Found here

In the forest of a heart

Waiting for winter already

To pass

And life to begin again

©Entirety 2015

dark corridor #cdpoetry

Retracing my steps
Along a dark corridor
Feeling the cool walls
Brush my fingertips
Knowing I left
My heart
Somewhere behind
Desperate I search
One more time
For remnants
Of a piece
Of who I was
Before all the lights turned
And all went out

©Entirety 2015

(photo by Kevin Kroeker-you can find more of him here http://www.redbubble.com/people/kroekerontherock/works/610470-the-creeping )


A blank space

Of unwritten love

Dark corridors loom

With cracks of lite

Escaping through

And I hold tight

To an illusive hope

©Entirety 2015 


(Photo by Chris Fraser-read about his camera work with light here http://trendland.com/chris-frasers-light-installations/ )


A cacophony rose
This dissonance
When he played
Her forbidden notes
Her struggle
To remain intact
Or to finally let go

©Entirety 2015


(Photo from tumblr)

lies and other truths

The ambivalent hand of truth
To come and go
As my bravado stays put
Listening thru the bull shit
Wondering which words
Will disappear
Despite my heart hanging on
But in honesty
I don’t need your truth
So don’t say you want me
Don’t say you need me
I’ve heard enough
Of that truth
To believe they’re truth today
And lies tomorrow

©Entirety 2015

(Titled Love In Hard Places-Found in Pinterest with no tag to artist)