Part 2 – Twisted Heights – Heightened 

It was a moment of do or die. Speak now or forever hold your peace, or in this case, pucker up or go home. 
I hadn’t dreamt of this moment just to let it dissipate into a fizzled inability to follow through and I wanted what I wanted, and it seemed so did he.
My heart was racing under my sweater I had worn to cover up a stain on my shirt. A victim of a toothpaste mishap in fact. The top had criss crossed across my breasts but happened to be in the way as I had frantically pulled myself together woken from an anxious suitor.
“Tell me you’re coming?” He said huskily, as I searched for my keys and hopped on one foot pulling on my black lace brazilian thong.
“I’m leaving in five minutes. I just have to get dressed and find my damn car keys.”  I had fallen back to sleep waiting for him to be done his last night of work while in the city.
“Don’t worry too much about dressing, we’ll have your clothes off the second you get through the door.” He said in all seriousness.
“If you want me to come let me get off the phone so I can make my way.” 
Jesus I thought, I don’t even know where I’m going.  
Like he had read my mind he said he would text me the room number and address of a newly built hotel in the west end of the city. So I threw on my black skirt and clasped my matching lace bra and pulled my tank top over my head.
I had started to head out the door then stopped realizing i had just woken up and I should probably brush my teeth. Well that was that.  
“Fuck!” I garbled out as more toothpaste drooled down my chin. 
I stared at my disheveled self in the mirror brushing my teeth, rolled my eyes then proceeded to wipe my shirt off with wet Kleenex simultaneously.
I had gotten out the door in under ten minutes after it was all said and done, so I threw my bag on the passenger seat and climbed in. 
11% left on my phone battery and I was still waiting to get his text about where to go. I looked down to my car charger and it wasn’t there. Double fuck.
I was going to start driving. I knew the area but had never heard of the hotel.
I can actually say with 3% of my battery left and driving through summer construction traffic my frantic and heightened sense of anticipation was palpable.
I stopped at a red light, picked up my phone in time to get the room number and exit number for the freeway to get to him. Done. I now knew where I was going.
I pulled in to the parking garage to the hotel and sat for a moment. Not a doubt in my mind.  I was lingering more for the fact I hadn’t changed my shirt and I had looked down to see the outline of fluoride laden across it. I thought I had wiped that out with water at the sink. I’m a piece of work but I had a plan.
Despite being at the height of summer I knew I had a sweater in my hatchback. So, I grabbed my bag, got out of the car and went to the back. There it was, my woven sweater, I grabbed it and pulled and it snagged on something. I yanked it again feeling quite impatient by this point and heard the tear. It had somehow gotten pinched between the folded down back seats and now my sweater was torn. Piece of god da….
“Hello!” I heard from behind me as I pulled my sweater against my tooth paste stain abruptly and yelped in surprise.
I turned to see the voice I had already heard on the phone earlier, and a face of a man I had only met through dating website a few days prior. I turned away from him and threw on my sweater then grabbed the top of the hatch and slammed it shut. Heart racing, I slung my bag over my shoulder and told him to lead the way.
Intentions made clear, planets aligned, we actually did make it through the door.  I had a day off call and in the city and he had one last day before heading back home to the Midwest United States. For now it seemed we were in the same space, and in the same state of mind if that’s what we were truly letting lead us. 
So, with one grasp of his shirt, do and be done, was where we were at. Our lips met, and that was that.  

Now someone tell housekeeping this room won’t need cleaning, till much much later.
I pulled him in to bridge the gap between he and I. There was no time to waste, this was a moment to capture and a moment for recreation in future day dreams. 
The hum of the air conditioner, and the quiet volume of the tv unobtrusive to our goals.
Our lips parted and instantly I felt his tongue enter my mouth in search of mine. The urgency pulsing between our chests and hands frantic running up and down one another’s hips, arms and backs. 
We both knew tender would be reserved for after. After. 
Now was the time to feed the need and pursue it without reserve.
He pushed me backwards so my body slammed against the wall and our teeth scraped one another’s in carelessness. He raised my hands above me to pin them as he continued the onslaught of ravaging my mouth and I felt the press of his hardened shaft lean into the front of my skirt and grind in with a deliberate message of impatience.
My arms released and I opened my eyes to the small uncoordinated stuttered steps to the bed we made while our lips remained in contact.
A quarter turn, then another till I felt the backs of my calves resting at the edge of the bed and my bottom sat obediently to his press on my shoulders.
I reached for the button on his shorts but he grabbed my wrist as he let our extended kiss go. Instead he firmly pushed the space between my breasts to implore my recline.
His hand travelled seductively down my middle across my abdomen as I fell back. The white stucco ceiling blurred in and out of my vision as the border of my stained shirt was breached and he travelled up to pull a breast out of its black lace pocket and knead it forcefully.
While inching closer, I sensed his other hand raising the hem of my skirt and a flood of warmth passed over me in unbelief.
I turned my head in search of something, anything, to focus on, to sink my teeth in as he descended to the floor.
Eye to eye we met for a split second as a wry grin formed on his face and I felt cool air hit my wetted pink flesh, already swollen, already. All. Ready. 
His two fingers were keeping my panties pulled off to the side and suddenly in starbursts of light his warm breath replaced the cool air between my legs.
He hovered over, and time stopped, the tease of all teases, the beg of a vessel needing to be used , and filled and I groaned uncontrollably. 
That was all it took for him to commence and he was all it took. That was when the room spun into a kaleidoscope of electric shocks.  
He held my thighs back against the bed as I struggled to get away from the reverberations his tongue kept pursuing.  I pleaded as my back arched off the bed and every part of me quivered.   
I squirmed and squirmed under him knowing the sounds coming from my mouth were beyond my capacity to control. 

I attempted to beg him to let me be, that I had cum with a soul ravaging earthquake but he was relentless.   
I felt his head lift off my tender swollen flesh and I thought my release was finally going to rest.  
Until he grinned as only an insatiable twisted bastard could, entering me with his fingers and purging every last ounce of quivering orgasm my body was capable of.  
Leaving me both emptied and filled.

©Entirety 2015


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