Marrow and Blood

She gnawed at the bone

Beneath her flesh

Sinking into the source

Of loves missing marrow

Hoping for answers

But mostly just

Hoping to be filled

©Entirety 2016


art by Elif Sanem Karakoç to find more of his artwork

A Grain of Sand

A grain of sand amongst many

Each with colors and markings

Unique from one another

As distinctive as night from day

Yet lost in a sea of same

©Entirety 2014

photo by Astrid Tvedt via flickr

Meadows Of Brushed Gold

I wandered meadows

Of brushed gold

With skies of pewter

And a sun of amber cold

A touch of metal

And stone

Chilling my bones

Stealing heat

Delivering beauty

While my soul reconciled

This conflicting tale

To the reality

Of your absence

©Entirety 2016

photo by Christian Rey


He gathered her scars

Like they were arrows

Placing them

In his quiver

To shoot down the doubt

She battled

About being strong enough

©Entirety 2016

photo from Pinterest


You were

The first confession

I didn’t want

Absolution from
And the first

Holy sacrament

I could finally

partake in

©Entirety 2016

photo by Demidov Sergey

F***ing and Fighting On


It’s just me and you
our time to
hold heaven
in our arms
between the sheets
for a moment of what neither of us
can hold on our own

A fire
that burns so hot
you can neither deny it
or flee it

A flame
so tender
and ferocious
a meal to savour
with an appetite to devour

A feeling
that fucking
won’t leave
that this moment
could be more
than just pillow talk
in the slipping
of mornings ease

A place
just for me and you
our time
to hold forever
in a moment
that I wish
wouldn’t fucking
slip away
in the escape
in the fall
in the moments of forever
we’re given

©Entirety 2016

Strength & Spirit

For her strength

She is beholden to

The hard words

Beneath her feet

The cold door

Closed behind her

And the bitter rejection

Of love departed

For her intact spirit

She is indebted

To her companions

Along her way that kept

The words

The door

And the rejection

At bay

©Entirety 2016

artwork by Truls Espedal



Driven by some madness

I can’t explain

To turn thought

Over thought

Incessant ramblings





Like a child

Seeking to understand

Instead I’m just a grown up

Going round and round

©Entirety 2016

photo found in tumblr

Mythical Meanderer

Wild beneath

The verdant growth

She sheds light

For the mythical meanderer

From within

Changing skin

From branch to leaves

Clay or seed

She is all of these

Impregnating beauty


©Entirety 2016


photo by Raventhird


Find more of Raventhird’s art at  


I heard a voice
Spill over frigid streams
Dust treetops with snow
And Pierce mountains
With icicles
It’s call awakening
New breath
It’s pattern etching
Into a deeper part of me
All of it
Creating a need
To know beauty
In the most
Intimate of ways

©Entirety 2016

photo by Eisblumen