The Art of Time

It takes time to make
Yourself a cup of coffee

It takes time
To get from here to there
Or anywhere

It takes time
To love again

And despite the cliché
Of it all
It does take time to heal

It takes time
To form just the right words

To write a book
A song
To paint your masterpiece

It all takes time

And patience

It’s a bit of a conundrum
Thinking you have
All this time
But running out of it

Impatiently tapping your foot
Through a Starbucks line up

Or the traffic
On your way to work

Frustrated with your hearts
Slowness to catching on

And for the pain it feels
When it finally does

We speak rashly
Blurting nonsensical ramblings
Seeming rather insane
But you’re taking the time
To say them
They must mean…something

And all the art
The appreciated
And underappreciated

It all took time
To build trust in the process
Of creating

But don’t be misled

It is the art of time

Using it wisely

Not letting it slip away

Seizing moments

While creating more

And giving up control

To one more


On that clock

©Entirety 2016

art by Antoine Mansour


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