Edinburgh Log 5

Lying in bed about to get up… @JimCMackintosh from Twitter / http://bigbaffy.com is graciously taking me through the Scottish highlands today!  I couldn’t be more thrilled and have longed to come back here since my last visit in 2014. Thanks so much Jim!!!

Last night had me at The Worlds End pub after getting lost in Edinburgh.  The quote by Tolkien kept running through my head, “all who wander are not lost…” And thought, “well I am wandering AND lost.”  Fortunately I came to some open space and saw this (totally was headed the other direction lol) 

Edinburgh Castle off in the distance #myphoto

Three drams of Whiskey later – Bowmore, Highland Park, and Glenlivet – I settled at Highland Park being my favourite…the Bowmore was like drinking ash…yeah no thanks.

Ok enough screen.  Gotsta run… See you soon!!

Epic London Adventures log 4 

Another sunrise witnessed by a girl who normally prefers to be sleeping for such things.  Anxious about my travel to Edinburgh; an infected blister causing pain, worry about catching a bus, catching the tube, then catching my train all for 7:30am.  Obviously time stresses me out.  The thing is, I’ve never missed a train or a plane anywhere, and nor did I today either.  Silly worrier.  I’m sure there is a poem in there somewhere. (Not that I haven’t written about time before.)

Blue sky all around today, despite the cold it seems a perfect day to see the countryside by train, hopefully the sun is shining in Edinburgh too, only 4.5 hours to go to find out.

The last few days…ummm…were memorable to say the least.  I partied like it was 1999. (RIP Prince- god I hope I got that right or it’s gonna sound totally disrespectful in lieu of recent sad events) 

My girlfriend decided to show me what night life in London looked like.  We honest to god started the night off sober, I mean of course we did.  Then, one more pub, one more drink, one more club, one more cocktail, one more Italian, one more whhhaaaaaattt? (No comment, except you will all be pleased to know I did not get married and defect to Italy with a new husband despite his 30 year old attempt to convince me I was the love he had been waiting for, all his life….Riiiiight. 

Moving on…

The Lego incident I am not able to discuss due to possible criminal charges, juuuuust kidding.  Sort of!! But not mine, I remain a law abiding citizen both in the UK and in Canada.  Although after that night I am sure I did something illegal by some countries standards. 

Ok moving on …again…

Passing Newcastle, I have a strong suspicion the North Sea will be coming along soon…then Edinburgh…. see you soon Old and New Town.


Harmony – Day 23 #NaPoWriMo 

Dear Poet

The harmony of your beauty

Moves me

When the sun filters in

Your colours dance

Across my heart

Rightfully exposing truths

I can only know

In that place between

Sleep and awake

I try so desperately to grasp

But you hold beauty

Carrying me 

As I fade between days and nights

And i know there is a depth

My soul has not yet gone

But longs to

©Entirety 2016

art by Taylor Allen

Walking and Chewing Gum – Log 3

When you walk down your regular streets you can do it mindlessly, without effort.  I park my car on the street and weave in and out of traffic and make my regular way to work while typing up some poem and texting my bestie.  In Canada.

After I slept yesterday (for 3 hours) I decided I needed fresh exhaust filled London air to get a break from the indoors.  I walked to Whole Foods to pick up a bottle wine and a few breakfast things so I don’t burden Marnie with my poor eating habits. (Basically I can survive on little but love granola and Greek yogurt). 

While walking comes naturally to a 41 year old Canadian girl, crossing a street in the UK does not.  Do I look left? Right? Oh my god, step off that curb honey and you are bumper mush. 

Every single time I cross a street I lose all god damn sense.  So just imagine me wandering London streets with my tongue hanging off to the side and a look of concentration on my face.  Annnnndddd I keep motherfucking waiting on the wrong side of the street for a bus. I’ll have this all figured out by next Monday I’m sure.  

So wish me luck as I venture to Piccadilly Circus on my own, I have some exploring to do while most of you North Americans sleep!  (Did I mention it’s warmer in Winnipeg?) well shit.

i swear a block later it said Look Left … WTF?!

…good thing I have health insurance…. You know, just in case…. 

The Descent – Log 2

We flew through North American night, and it was still close to 3:00 a.m. Winnipeg time, as I opened the window visor on the plane to see a cotton clouded green patchwork quilt of a sunny England morning below.  

Call me sentimental but I cried.  I had been writing in my novel.  Writing to the soundtrack of Outlander in fact. A television series into its second season based on Diana Gabaldon’s books about a nurse from 1945 taken back through the standing stones in the Scottish highlands to the year 1743.  

You see, I had been mulling over the idea of leaving London for a few days and going to Scotland, but had somewhat settled to the thought I wouldn’t have time.   And suddenly here I was literally a stones throw away from a place my heart really longed to be and it was enough of an emotional response to know I must go.  Just as I don’t feel right when I don’t write, I would not feel right, if I didn’t visit Scotland.  So, damned be the money, this is my adventure, and my heart knows what it needs.  Ok maybe it needs a little less turbulence as I write this.  Just sayin.

Hello from Heathrow everyone.  It’s bloody cold… Lol 

London from the air

Little Bird – Day 22 #NaPoWriMo

Climb from the confines

Of your caged heart

Hear the song

It already sings

When the ether fades

From your lungs

You will lift your ear

It’s living poetry

And it’s voice is your own

©Entirety 2016


photo from Pinterest


Travel Diary Log 1 – location: the Canadian Prairies

No time to talk… Ride on her way. Unders and overs packed, soaps, toothpaste, make up and Kraft Dinner all packed. (No I’m not kidding.) It was a request of my girlfriend who feels the UK unfairly prices at 1000% markup.  I paid 69 cents, its the least I can do for her free lodgings!!! 

On my way to the airport in a few… Kissing my prairie sky good bye… For a few days anyways… London here I come! 

totally. bagged…but excited!!


Waking Dreams – Day 21 #NaPoWriMo

The wind moves past
Her knotted fingers of spring
Across a brazen blue sky
Feeling it slide past
Her waking dreams
Unable to grasp
All the tales the wind
Has to tell
So she stores
What she catches
In her roots as well
So summer can live out
What she can not
Right now

©Entirety 2016

photo from Pinterest

Star Dust – Day 20 #NaPoWriMo

You were but dust
In my sky full of dreams
But oh
How beautiful you were
Even as gravity
Carried you away

©Entirety 2016

photo found on Pinterest