Uncensored Reflection

A cruel mirror
Held her old reflection
Tainted visions
With the venom
Of self hate



“You always had a hankering
For such dirty stuff”

One fist
through her pretentious past

into an unsolicited list
Of do’s and don’ts

Come on now, really?
Bloodied knuckles
were of small consequence
By this point

I mean how many years
Had her legs been spread
For the emptiness
Of that fucking
White picket fence
Needing coat after coat
To even keep it erect
Stiff as a rod
Yet useless as a limp dick

There must be
Other ways to live
Than with this loathing
And self contempt

What about celebrating
All those fancy tricks
John, Rick and Larry taught her?

Oh she’s all over that you see because 





What her body could do…

…but she does now

The mirror can be so obtuse
Depending on the angle
In which you look
Especially with all those
Shattered pieces
So she said to fuck with it
And finally
Gave that distorted reflection
Something to stare at:

The proudest pussy you ever
Did see
In charge of herself
And everything underneath

With just a few choice words for those purists swimming in perfection, she declared in pride, ok and maybe with a little spite:

“Who’s the whore now, you dirty little slut? You’re the one getting paid in petty coin for all the fucking lip service you do. Stroking propriety’s cock but you never even get to cum!”

God that sounds dumb.

She gave the mirror
one last look
then with pity
Handed her reflection
A silicone vibrating cock
With this simple advice:

“It’s finally time, my dear, you learn to get off. I promise you this merry go round is not the ride you’re looking for.”

And off she walked

©Entirety 2016

photo from tumblr


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