The Cane

One strike of the cane
For wanting love

Two strikes
For not being good enough

Three strikes of the cane
For saying you give up

Four strikes of the cane
For wanting more

Five strikes
For pointing out
The promise is gone

Six strikes of the cane
For wanting it to stop

Seven strikes
For each year
Of abandoned prayers

Eight final strikes of the cane
For when you surrender to the pain

©Entirety 2016

digital art by Bojan Kevtic on Deviantart


In a little white bungalow
I stood waiting
On a message
From the stone gods
Scribing a diaphanous message
Unreadable to an untrained eye
One unaccustomed to pain
Or the ways of love unreturned
But I knew
The dalliance of black and white
Had come to its end
And I faced another cruel moon
It’s ephemeral beauty a memory
Along the scripted edges
Of wounds left
Under the protection
Of cold stone to crumble
Beneath an abandoned heart

©Entirety 2016



The Story of Our Garden

They tilled the soil
Seeded the ground
Grew a bountiful garden
Full of greens, marrow and flesh
Then she was left to harvest
All alone
This daunting task
Until she grew resentful
Of the gifts
Of the earth itself
And she lay resigned
On her back
Staring at the sky
While her garden
Began to rot

©Entirety 2015


photo by Billy Kidd

Through You

photo by @Drdwaine on IG used with permission


Through the trees

You found me

Under the sky

You kept me

In your light

You enfolded me

In your shadows

You loved me

©Entirety 2016

Bared Bones

Until all my fears
Are bared

And my spirit
Willing to risk

Until then
I am a lonely skeleton
In my closet
Unable to bloom

©Entirety 2017


photo from Pinterest

Down From Heaven


I came down from heaven
Knowing you were here
Waiting in the shadows
Calling out my name


I came down from heaven
Knowing I didn’t belong
Waiting in the blinding light
Calling out all my sin and shame


I came down from heaven
Knowing you’d meet me in this place
Waiting no longer alone for the
Calling out of love from the deepest of heart aches


I came down from heaven
A wingless creature now
Made to fly
By other means
Knowing I am yours
Waiting on your words
Calling home inside your arms

©Entirety 2016

Yesterday Was Hard


I had no idea
what yesterday would do
to you

I had thought
tomorrow was what held
all the answers

I spent my nights
sick to my stomach
about all our yesterdays
and just wanted to set you free

I had no idea
what tomorrow would hold
for you

I had thought
yesterday was what held
all our sorrows

I spent my days
holding my head between
the seconds on the clock
and I just wanted to flee

it all sounds the same now
I had no idea
I had thought so many things
would never change
and I’m sorry that the days of the calendar
just carried on
leaving our love behind

It all just seems so sad now
Yesterday was hard
But so is tomorrow

©Entirey 2016

First Kiss

photo found on Pinterest


I took the same path everyday to school, the short cut. Our gate was always locked at the end of our yard so the elderly neighbour said I could go through his gate instead. So everyday I left my front door to find myself face to face with Kelly Keller. Yes I’m joking about the name, but more serious than you know. At 8 years old my heart already belonged to the 8 yr old boy three doors down and he knew it. KK was scribbled many times in my doodles during Mrs Zapperzans class and he questioned me on it. I, of course playing coy at the shy age of 8 said it was Kelly Keller. The infamous Kelly who didn’t exist but who I pled with my crush actually did. I thought it was a pretty good cover, but Kristian knew I was crushing on him and it wasn’t just because his last name started with K that he knew.

We often walked to and from school together living on the same street. He taught me how to play basketball, and because of him I’m a pretty good backwards shot. Although now at 40 I’m a little rusty. He even taught me about erections using his winter mitt as an example of an engorged filled penis. Sex education literally in the most innocent of ways.

On our way home from school one day we had stopped in between the elderly neighbours house and my fence. A little recessed area away from sight, windows, even hidden from the sun. I can clearly remember the discussion to kiss. That we should do it. Me and my strawberry blonde coloured hair, him and his auburn hair. My freckled nose to his, and our pink virgin lips met. No tongue. No hitched breath, I’m pretty certain I held it for lack of knowing what else to do with it . There was just the sweet sensation of warm flesh on flesh along with the pressing thoughts, that we should do it for a long time and not just like how our mothers kissed us goodnight. Our lips parted after what seemed to be an appropriate amount of time, both going our separate ways; subsequently carving our initials in an elm in the wooded area behind our houses and beating off the other 8 year old girls on my street who wanted Kristian. But he was mine. My first kiss forever, immortalized in memory as every first should be. KK + JM 
©Entirety 2015