A Voice

A perfect piece MW…

Midwest Fantasy Writes

I want to be a voice

a voice that resonates

not in one’s ears

but in one’s heart

and soul

and innermost being

touching places

few are able to ever reach

leaving a forever mark

honored and treasured

I want to be a voice

you feel




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River bed

photo found on tumblr


Dig up her bones

Brush the silt away

That’s collected

From the river bed

You threw her in

And send her to

A refinery

Where gold can be separated

From the fool

And we can see

This dirty girl

Resurrected in worth

Without you

©Entirety 2016

Falling Restlessly

Hands open

As you drift

In and out

Of another restless sleep


But never reaching ground

Gravity pulling

In every direction

You crying out

“Fix me”

Beneath those insomnic eyelids

One more try

To be the solution

You need

No more empty tears please

This time

It’s gotta work

“Just let me sleep”

You say

“Maybe today is the day

I can finally

Let go”

©Entirety 2016

photo found on Pinterest

Suicide Solution #septembersongs

You were her suicide solution

The one to put her under

The one to chase

The nightmares away

That always teased her reality

You bled her out of a cloying mask

Hung her from the rafters

Euthanized her from years of shame

And helped her come to terms

With the other side of pain

You are the sting

From the slice of the knife

That wakes the numbing mind

Paving moments to her pasts demise

And death could never

Come sooner

©Entirety 2016

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Lightening & Thunder

He fucked like lightening

And she came

Like thunder

An impetuous storm

Neither could contain

Unable to maintain

In their separate docile lives

But together

In their secret bed

No other could compare

Stolen moments

Were all they could share

©Entirety 2016

image found on tumblr

Shards of Blue

He said I was beautiful

He said I was light

But I would always be

Shards of blue

Hiding from the cold touch

Of the moon

©Entirety 2016

art by Richard Burlet

Shadowed Sunlight

Shadowed sunlight
Under a canopy of birch trees
A song
Spread in the sky
And I knew
The ghost of you was here
Coaxing me into memory
Of the passion
You forged 

©Entirety 2016

photo by Alberto from photographytalk.com

In Love

photo found on Pinterest


I am in love

I cannot hide

My secrets out

No lies
I’m smitten

The way you drawn me in 

You tease 

I taste 

I succumb
I follow your lead

I don’t suppress

Your precious gifts

You push me

I give in
Guide me

Today tomorrow

They’ll never be an end

I will always bend
Because I’m smitten

With writing

It’s a healing start

Me, expressing my heart

© Entirety 2014


photo by Gene Linzy


The hidden moon

Summoned the wolfs rain

For the earth

To drink her fill

Of an unfettered night

Awash in a silver flood

Dancing naked

Until the howl

Struck the note

That released the wild

And the wind defrocked 

The pewter sky

©Entirety 2016

Episode 8 – Lee L. Krecklow

Because I can never get enough of this rascally rabbits… I mean people.


We meet the talented writer, reader and raccoon-wrangler, Lee L. Krecklow (Lee not being short for Leopold) who may or may not still play with action figures. Lee is a prolific short-story writer with his first literary-noir novel, The Expanse Between, set to publish in spring 2017. He’s good… so good, in fact, he made us want to be better writers as well, and Timmy, an all-around better human-being.

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