A Man by the Sea

photo by Gordie Broon in flickr

I knew a man from by the sea

who loved the mountains 

he could plainly see

He gathered me in his arms

and carried me away

To meet our destiny

He said with fervour time would tell

The meaning of this spell

That love and lust would declare

Surrendered to passion we began our share

Laying atop the rocky land

our desires unfold

Hands frantic atop my breast

nearly ripping at my dress.

We succumbed to fear and pleasure in one

captivated by the trance of the hill

the flesh did meet

it pierced the night 

with shrieks of joy and pain
The trance that held garnished well

until the man caught site of home 

his father ill and mother alone

they were calling to their son

Torn between the two he froze

tasting lust and passions rest

he cast his eyes upon my breast

and covered my heart with his hand.

Tomorrow held an awful thought

The rocks and dirt exhumed out 

Preparing for a waiting death

He lowered his gaze to the ground

He wept and shook

while I held him tight

Wanting to bring him in

to the peace we had just felt

But death held closer

to this mans heart an ending was

surely near

so we stumbled down the rocky ledge

only to meet our fears

grabbing at eachothers hold

we flailed and kicked through the air

once entwined in lust and love

now entwined in limb and blood

For his fathers death although foretold

was nothing like our own

The sweetness of our time

ended in our own demise

we awoke in spirit as one
Ahead we saw his mother one

prostrate in front of three mounds

the cleft that divided the living 

world had met its dying kin

My love and I saddened great

met the weeping hen

Her hair was stirred with breath

of our spirits whispering

Words of comfort and of praise

Goodbyes and a departing gaze

A mothers loss and a wife bemoans

Goodbye my son and husband she spoke

She kissed the third mound her daughter to be

For that was also foretold

you see 

A spell set at the sons birth

that the depth of love would be felt

A heavenly love that the earth could not contain

No mothers could complain

the gift of heaven bestowed on her young

She felt content assured of their love

That death would not divide the two

She blessed us in the after life

and said her prayers

and spilled her blood to join her man
©Entirety 2014


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