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Stay safe‬

‪In the confines‬

‪Of these walls‬

‪Never risk more‬

‪Than you should‬

‪Cover your blemishes‬

‪Lest someone sees them‬

‪Hide protected‬

‪By what you’ve always done‬

‪And whatever you do‬

‪Don’t trust‬…
‪And when all else fails‬

‪Don’t listen‬

‪To any of the above‬

‪And actually live

©Entirety 2017

Semantics #februaryfalls

‪Slippery silk truth

‬‪Mixed in with velvet black lies‬

‪Entangled in more‬

‪Than he should have‬

‪Held out for‬

‪But the way‬

‪Her fabric‬

‪Felt against his skin‬

‪He didn’t care‬

‪He’d ponder on semantics‬

‪After she was gone‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo by Rodney Smith

The Void #musicinspiredpoetry

Before the silence

There was a sky

Broader than you or I

Before the stone

There was flesh

Malleable for things to come

Before the ash

There was fire

Humbly simmering

In this universe of unknowns

Before the end of the page

There were words written

Echoing possibility

But before you and after you

There is still me

Tidying the void

In the silence

©Entirety 2017

Drifting #februaryfalls

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‪His heart took to open water‬‪
As the creeping brumous chill‬
‪Took over the shore‬
‪Breeching the sea
Pushing or pulling‬
‪Fleeing from‬
‪Running to‬
‪He couldn’t say‬
‪But this nomad
Was meant to drift 

©Entirety 2017

On the Rocks #februaryfalls

‪Tossed on my ass‬‪

As I tout drunken confessions‬

‪About the ways I burned‬

‪When I burned‬

‪With you‬

‪Now tottled off‬

‪Knowing no straight line‬

‪Would ever do‬

©Entirety 2017

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Burning Beauty #februaryfalls

In violet dreams of twilight

I burned for an expanse

Broader than touch

Deeper than the ocean

I yearned for love

I ached for exposure

And found the lover I seek

In no man

In no tangibility from this earth

But by the hand of beauty

Something I felt

Beyond my flesh

But rather piercing my soul

So that when touch came

And when love arrived

It came purely

It came as I needed

First by feel

Then by trust

In something more

Than the finiteness of flesh

©Entirety 2017

Photo of a Manitoba Prairie Sky by me

Champagne Kisses #februaryfalls

The portrait

Of our love

Hung in the hall

Of sorrows

Our champagne kisses

Turned bitter

Dappled light


From our tongues

To effervesce

In hollow shadows

Of love gone

©Entirety 2017

Photo by Gaetan Lee on Flickr