Mocking Whispers #marchfalls

Blue silence‬‪

Beneath a reflective moon‬

‪Mockery whispering‬ in the wind

‪Becoming clear‬

‪After all was poured into‬

‪A verdant hope‬

‪Now the light is lost‬

‪Words dissipate‬

‪Ink wanes‬

‪And my page knows‬

‪It wants no more‬

‪Of false love‬

‪Instead it clings to the night‬

‪To that tender moment‬

‪When promises are made‬

‪Under the pale sheets‬

‪When guards are dropped‬

‪And the truth comes out‬

‪That it is only vulnerable hearts‬

‪Who can receive or give‬

‪As love requires‬

So the night is where I belong‬

‪Not for it’s sinful lust‬

‪But rather for the chance to speak‬

‪Into the silence‬

‪Without clanging distraction‬

‪For the chance to hear‬

‪My lovers plight‬

‪Without the hysteria of day‬

‪For the chance to disrobe‬

‪From all our pretence‬

‪And be loved‬

‪For who we truly are‬

‪And then together‬

‪To face the day‬

‪Already uncovered

And trusting in one another‬

©Entirety 2017

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The Things I Could Elicit #marchfalls 

Photo from tumblr – not sourced

‪Come closer‬

‪And let me tell you

How you can darken my dreams‬

‪From a sweet sea of whispers

‪Come closer‬

‪And let me show you‬

‪How those whispers

Can birth inner sighs‬

Those ones

I can elicit in coy delight

‪Come nearer dear one‬

‪And let me tease

‪With my supple sustenance‬

‪Not even touching you once

And let me beat‬

‪That inquisitive mind of yours‬

‪Into giving you all‬

‪That you desire

In your heart and soul‬

©Entirety 2017

Screams & Whispers #marchfalls

Pure volume alone
‬‪Infinitesimal whispers‬
‪To gargantuan cries‬

‪Limerence builds‬
‪Like notes‬
‪In a song‬
‪Till the sound barrier‬
‪Is broken‬
‪And so are you‬

©Entirety 2017

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Sun Drenched Awakening #marchfalls

Photo by Haibo Long

Restless seeds‬

‪Lie dormant‬

‪No more‬

‪Awakening roots‬

‪Taking in‬

‪The swell of spring‬

‪Now drenched in sun‬

‪Releasing water into‬

‪The dark and hidden spaces‬

‪Winter held‬

‪So life could be harnessed‬

‪One magical increment‬

‪At a time‬

‪Protruding verdant‬

‪And proud‬

©Entirety 2017

Fickle Seasons #marchfalls

Photo by Georgianna Lane

‪Summer dangled‬

‪Like hope on a string‬

‪Waiting for buds and blossoms‬

‪The promise of spring‬

‪Whilst the frost of winter‬

‪Still snuck in‬

©Entirety 2017

Speak #marchfalls

‪Speak peace

‬‪This morning after‬

‪A restless night‬

‪Speak wholeness‬

‪This day‬

‪Over these glass bones‬

‪Speak love‬

‪By your calloused hands‬

‪That still wake me‬

‪With promise‬


‪Or perhaps‬

‪Don’t speak at all‬

‪And let’s just rest‬

‪In quiet‬


©Entirety 2017

Photo by Mafalda Silva

Spring Thaw #marchfalls

‪The stains of blackberry winter

‬‪Remained on my lips‬

‪Once cold from your kiss‬

‪Withdrawn from your touch‬

‪And a hollow echoed‬

‪From what I thought‬

‪Was a love gone‬


‪Tattered with bitter‬

‪But as the sun rose‬

‪And Jack Frost departed‬

‪The stains that remained‬

‪Gave off sweetness‬

‪And summer‬

‪The thorns of your fruit‬

‪Making way‬

‪For the lessons of spring‬

‪That new life can be found‬

‪In what we thought gone‬

‪From winters blistering hand‬

©Entirety 2017

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Flooding #marchfalls #Worldpoetryday

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‪He built an ocean swell inside her‬

‪Flooding her shores‬

‪Then tugging her soul‬

‪Back into his current‬

‪To devour her ocean floor‬

©Entirety 2017

The Afterlife #marchfalls

‪Bleeding out‬‪

Crimson black as night‬

‪Over new grass‬

‪And clover‬

‪Circling stones‬

‪Closing in‬

‪Growing colder‬

‪Soil seeking life‬

‪Wherever it may find‬

‪I fade to sleep‬

‪Under half a moon‬

‪Chased into an afterlife‬

‪Far too soon‬

©Entirety 2017

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A New Journey #WorldPoetryDay

Photo unsourced, found on tumblr

A new journey

Full of unknowns

Wondering, worrying

If you’ll measure up

Provide what’s right

Steer them straight 

You hold them tight

And Pray for strength

This paths been walked

For thousands of years

So many feet

Expressing this need

To understand

What’s ahead

Protecting, loving, nurturing

All of these

For all our knowledge

For all our smarts

We mostly start

In the very same spot

Holding new life

Mouth ajaw

Bursting our hearts

Standing in awe

©Entirety 2014