Mocking Whispers #marchfalls

Blue silence‬‪

Beneath a reflective moon‬

‪Mockery whispering‬ in the wind

‪Becoming clear‬

‪After all was poured into‬

‪A verdant hope‬

‪Now the light is lost‬

‪Words dissipate‬

‪Ink wanes‬

‪And my page knows‬

‪It wants no more‬

‪Of false love‬

‪Instead it clings to the night‬

‪To that tender moment‬

‪When promises are made‬

‪Under the pale sheets‬

‪When guards are dropped‬

‪And the truth comes out‬

‪That it is only vulnerable hearts‬

‪Who can receive or give‬

‪As love requires‬

So the night is where I belong‬

‪Not for it’s sinful lust‬

‪But rather for the chance to speak‬

‪Into the silence‬

‪Without clanging distraction‬

‪For the chance to hear‬

‪My lovers plight‬

‪Without the hysteria of day‬

‪For the chance to disrobe‬

‪From all our pretence‬

‪And be loved‬

‪For who we truly are‬

‪And then together‬

‪To face the day‬

‪Already uncovered

And trusting in one another‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo from Pinterest


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