Day 3 #wanderlust

After being convinced Skye was Quadpolar in regards to weather (rain, sleet, snow and sun) because of yesterday we were blown away at being graced with an entire day of sun.  

We started our day driving to the furthest west point in Isle of Skye to see a lighthouse at Neist Point. Oh. My. Word. The views were stunning and the threat of life from falling off a cliff high! The butterflies were incorrigible…and the shaky legs… BUT I SWEAR I AM NOT AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!! (Just afraid of coming home one co-worker short!!!)

Then we grabbed lunch and headed off to the Faery Glen where we explored this terrain that can only be described as something from a child’s story book!  I left a gift for the faerys and climbed along side a waterfall to see where it led…and got a booter…like 12 times. BUT OH MY GOD IT WAS WORTH IT FOR EVERY MOLECULE OF WATER THAT ENTERED MY SHOES!!

The girls took a climb up a mountain and I opted out due to a weeeeeee discomfort in me foot.  (Rest, ice, compress and elevate righty?) fuuuuuuck….  I missed out on the most dramatic view of the day, overlooking the dips and rolls of Skye from up high.  Giants left their foot prints.  Spectacular.



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