Day 4 #wanderlust

Because every day in Scotland should include a highland coo


Our last day with our tour guide led us north travelling higher elevation near the highest road in Scotland.  The day was filled with tales of Rob Roy, William Wallace (the true version as opposed to the Hollywood version) and the Frasers of Lovett.  We saw mist and mountains and the road where they filmed a portion of Top Gear.  (See!!! Mist and clouds)


We were dropped off at the train station and only had a few teary episodes surrounding saying goodbye to our brilliant guide Ally from Kilted Coastal Tours.  (Nooooo I never asked him what he wore under his kilt!!! MANNERS PEOPLE!!) … but I did catch him unawares with the picture below…and it serves him right, he took one of me bending over when we were getting ready to pose hanging my arse out straight in the middle of the picture.

We said our goodbyes…


And now are off to Ayr by train… gonna go have some lunch. xo


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