Welts of the Cane 

Entirety in Bits and Pieces

A Lesson in Pain

He said life is cruel and she had no reason to doubt him. She went through the catalogue of the last decades of her own life, then broadened her thoughts to a world of poverty, disaster and hatred.

Life is cruel. It can be cruel.

I’m not here to blow sunshine up your ass, I’m here to teach you to endure, he said.

Life is cruel, and so is a sadist.

Tell me if you like the cane, he said. No, she replied, I do not like the cane.

Wrong answer. Life is cruel, and consequently painful.

Shoo, the cane went through the air. Cutting like a whip, faking a blow, never landing on her skin. She flinched. Every muscle, tensed for the cruelty of life to hit. Her jaw, her buttocks, her fists, clenched. Toes curled, eyes scrunched, the anticipation of pain, the tightening of…

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Rainbow Tears #junefalls

‪He flew‬

‪From perch‬

‪To perch‬


‪The gold plated applause‬

‪From the rainbow of tears‬

‪That streamed‬

‪From her cheeks‬

‪For the love that he gave‬

‪And the way‬

‪That he came‬

‪To reassure her‬

‪Love was real‬

©Entirety 2017

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Rolling away #junefalls

‪She laid beneath‬

‪The willow tree‬

‪Glancing from hand‬

‪To hand‬

‪The platinum crown‬

‪Rolling away‬

‪Picking up expectations‬

‪Along the way‬

‪But she was free‬

‪Of every one‬

‪Except the one that said‬

‪…You have my love‬

©Entirety 2017

Paper boat #poetry 

‪Drifting away‬‪

On a paper boat‬

‪Made of poems‬

‪And obsolete thoughts‬

‪Longings sink‬

‪Like an anchor‬

‪And I am untethered‬

‪Where as drowning‬

‪Could have brought relief‬

‪I float instead‬

‪Praying for oblivion‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo by Nicole Oestreich

Black Pearls #junefalls

‪He craved‬

‪Her fair skin‬

‪Down to the black pearls‬

‪That hung loosely‬

‪Around her neck‬

‪Nipples erect‬

‪The space between‬

‪Her breasts‬

‪Pooling the opalescence‬

‪Of his overwhelming lust‬

©Entirety 2017

At the Edge

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Midwest Fantasy Writes

he left me

He left me quivering

my surrender

to the ravage

of his lips, tongue, touch

then knowing

I could stand no more

the whisper

near my ear

“Just breathe”

claimed my final climax



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Let’s Go #junepoeticwings

A library of bindings

Wild words

With a magical glow

Rampant through out

Untamed tongues

Explosive tales

Unwilling to settle

Save for the extraordinary

That which moves stagnancy

To journey

©Entirety 2017

Cincinnati library – 📷 found on Pinterest