The Meal #poetry 

‪I went for one side
‬‪Of the simply set table‬
‪Then stopped‬
‪Turning to a disheveled man‬
‪Apron smeared with effort‬
‪Smile crooked with attention‬

Where do you want me? I said‬

I want you by my side‬, Here‬
‪And in there, he said nodding towards a closed door‬

‪I want you‬

‪And when this meal ends‬
‪There will be another one soon‬
‪I want you to be there‬
‪for that one too‬
‪And the endless ones thereafter‬
So I suppose you could sit anywhere‬
you wanted‬

‪But where I want you‬
‪Is right here‬
‪He held his hand‬
‪Against his chest‬
‪Signalling the place‬
‪In need of me the most‬

‪And I took the stride to his lips‬
‪Forgoing the cleanliness‬
‪Of my own shirt‬
‪And let him hold me against‬
‪The expectations‬
‪Of the next moment‬
‪So that neither sustenance‬
‪Or time filled us‬
‪But rather the hope of love‬

And all the nourishment that entailed.

©Entirety 2017

Photo from Pinterest

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