The Line She Walks #junefalls

‪She need not define‬‪

The line she walks‬

‪Of hedonistic souls‬

‪And the innocence of none‬

‪Where ripe outpourings‬

‪Flow unfettered‬

‪And fantasy mixes‬

‪With dirty bed sheets‬

‪She need not define herself‬

‪When lust or love calls‬

‪She simply is‬

‪What she is‬

‪For when winter comes

‪And time freezes‬

‪She will have lived‬

‪While the earth was hot‬

‪And her body wild‬

‪And she will have been taken in‬

‪By those who wanted and needed‬

‪Some will love‬

‪Some will give‬

‪Many will take‬

‪Many more will leave‬

‪But this is her path defined‬ or not

‪And the path she chooses

©Entirety 2017

Photo found on tumblr


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