Scar tissue #poetry 

‪Scar tissue

‬‪Is never as strong‬

‪As the flesh‬

‪That lay unscathed‬

‪The one before the wound‬

‪But the muscle underneath‬

‪That can be stronger‬

‪Than ever before‬

‪Scar tissue reminds us‬

‪We are not invincible‬

‪Scar tissue reminds us‬

‪That life‬

‪That love‬

‪And even hope‬

‪Can be fragile‬

‪But the spirit that lays beneath‬

‪This is the constant‬

‪We should hold on to‬

‪And we can build it‬

‪Or let it grow weak‬

‪But stronger‬

‪Is always in your control ‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo from tumblr


2 thoughts on “Scar tissue #poetry 

  1. Beautiful poem. And I like the photograph.

    This also reminds me of a novel by a Romanian writer. Scarred Hearts by Max Blecher. There’s a character who explains scarred tissue at some point… and he says that some people become just that. Tissue that is impervious to heat or cold or touch.

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    1. I work in health care, with birthing moms in fact… poets write often about scars, and i read something this morning that triggered this. As well as the idea that we shouldn’t be victims to our past wounds. I do appreciate you reading and commenting 💜

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