500 Followers!!!! #wordpress

A huge thank you to the 500 followers who follow along despite me not being a shiny finished product.

Your support is noticed and I am extremely grateful for having you along side my journey as I process life through poetry, fiction and non-fiction stories.

Blessings you all. 💜

Grief and the great divide #poetry



She was there‬‪

To watch you dance‬

‪To hold your hand‬

‪To kiss your cheek‬

‪Her heart‬

‪In every sigh‬

‪In every touch‬

‪In every breath‬

‪As you hold her‬


‪Across the unforgiving grave‬


‪Is the biggest threat to love‬

‪But not this day‬

‪This day is yours and hers‬

‪To mourn‬

‪As daughter and mom‬

©Entirety 2017