I have a story

It can be non-linear

Occasionally illogical

Often melancholy

Marginally beautiful

And forever evolving

If I were to give it a title

I’d call it ‘Life’

If I were to set it into chapters

They would be named

For those

I have loved or hated or both

Or taught me things about myself

If I were to number the pages

They would be infinite

For time began

before I could start counting

And my time will end

before I can stop counting

The spine would be made

To store feeling and sensations

And the covers would reflect

Not beginning and end

But rather the gifts inside

Where those intersecting stories

Can abide for awhile

While they write their story too

I am an open book

And if I am read carefully

You will see you reside their too

©️Entirety 2018

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