Remembering the Thaw

photo from Pinterest

There is a place we would go each spring. Off in a provincial park 100 kilometres from the city.

Poplars, birch trees and spruce populate the area while emerald green moss covers deadfall and the forest floor itself.

Bedrock protrudes out of the ground appearing to be growing, searching for the warmth of the sun after a long winters cold.

The thaw has arrived.

The lake still thick with ice in some places, give way to water at the shoreline, where frigid water tempts the tongue of a new fawn for a quick drink.

The sounds of nature could never be described as quiet. Maybe serene, but the noises are everywhere. Squirrels, little chickadees, woodpeckers and the rustling of rotting leaves from the past fall.

And the wind.

It always sounds different blowing through the naked trees still yet to be clothed by it’s late spring wardrobe. And with just a touch of bitter that doesn’t last due to the pouring sunshine in the breaks in the wooded area.

God I long for this place, like an ache for a lover, for the soothing touch of peace and rest. For beauty to overwhelm my senses, deafening the weight of my world, for at least a little while.

 ©Entirety 2014


Merry Christmas 

Welcome to winter wonderland!

I wanted to take the time to wish you all a merry Christmas!  Thank you for all the reading you do, for all the encouragement you leave me and all the inspiration you give.

Many blessings to you and yours xo



A Quiet Night

I saw you release
The stars
To the skies
And gather moss as your pillow
A blanket of velvet nite
Shook out
To cover your weary soul
As you encapsulated the moon
Your sentinel of sleep
While you surrender in peace
And prepare
To stand once again
For your day
Will surely come
©Entirety 2015

(Photo: infiniteoneness:  Forest Sky at Night by Dylan Arnallt)

seasons change

The wind shifted

And I felt it blowing away from me

Like summer giving in

To the force of autumn

Distancing itself

From a season passed

Gravity pulling the fruit

Of the former

To the forest floor of the present

To blanket

Old dreams

Old wants

Old me’s

And old you’s

©Entirety 2015 

(My photo)

The Sea

The sea captivates me

Its tepid water

The mist

As waves crash against the rocks

The remnants of salt on lips and skin

And the power of its tide

Drawing me out to sea

To forget the world and be solely

Owned by its presence

(Photo from Internet)


A restful slumber to rely upon

Like deadfall in the forest I am still

Soaking in the silence

Succumbing to the peace

Making the noise of the day

Fade away with the setting sun

(Photo from

The Highlands

Golden valleys tapered

With heather yet to bloom

Anxious to share

Her beauty

But waits

Creating a time lapse

For wanderers

To get lost in the Scottish hills

Spring calls

Sun peeks through

Evidence of what’s yet to come

Engrossed in magnificence

Here a stolen kiss or two

Knowing they were captive

Cradled by a force

And beckoned

By some ancient lovers tune

They held hands 

And watched it’s beauty

Then time stood still



The Scottish Highlands 

~My Photography 

The Misty Wind

The mist

And dancing wind

Flows through emerald greens

Pink blossoms

And russet browns

Drenched in color

Beauty sings from

Its Highland lips


Scottish Highlands 2014

(Photographs by Entirety)