The Cover Backstory #behindthescenes #insidescoop #DearPoet @ParisAndren

The cover for Dear Poet felt a bit painstaking.  Paris Andren shared with me many a web site to look for premade covers and we tossed back and forth ideas often.  I hummed…I hawed…I said a lot of things would make do, BUT WHO WANTS TO MAKE A BOOK THAT WILL JUST DO?? Not I.  I needed to love it.  Paris gave me the idea that I could always commission an artist, but that was risky, and I know my personality.  If I got an artist to do it, and I didn’t love it, I would a) feel bad, b) use it anyways, or c) slink off into the background and hope they didn’t notice I didn’t use it anyways.
So I mentioned it to another writer friend of mine and she said, have you ever seen @sparksflyidraw on IG?  I had never, so I went to IG and flipped through her work.  My word!! Gifted hand, gentle, not obtuse or over the top busy.  It was simple beauty.  I scrolled through to this picture and then I just knew !  I texted her, emailed her, left notes in the comments!! Frantic wanting it to be mine.  And worried like someone would come up behind me and snatch it.  

Art by Nour Tohamy

It spoke exactly what I wanted prayers to a poet to look like: delicate, provocative, beautiful, sensual all falling off the lips of the supplicant.  
She finally contacted me back and we worked together over the marvels of WhatsApp.  Then went back to Paris Andren who with program and fonts, made it look a bit like thorns from the rose were in the font and petals graced the interior section of the book until we got to this.

Art by Nour Tohamy

And what pleasure comes from seeing process result in product.  A product of collaboration between artists that could never have happened otherwise.  I cannot say it enough, but indebted to Paris I will be.  For her patience and her equal desire for me to love it and not just be good with it.  
Community is everywhere.  And I am so grateful to have gifted artists in my presence. xo
If you want to pick up a copy of Dear Poet you can in either Kindle or paperback on Amazon.  With a few chances at book launches locally in the near future I hope.  Blessings x

It’s Nearly Here! Cover Reveal!!! #DearPoet #poetry 

Only a few days left until Dear Poet can be out in your hands!!  A tireless and dedicated friend has been working on the technical end of things and I have been squeezing my brain for just the ability to follow along this road of self publishing!!  But it is nearly out!! 
A huge thanks to Nour Tohamy from IG ( @sparksflyidraw )  for her artwork which I gasped and fell in love with instantly!  
Stay tuned to this space!  

(jumps up and down) 

Paper boat #poetry 

‪Drifting away‬‪

On a paper boat‬

‪Made of poems‬

‪And obsolete thoughts‬

‪Longings sink‬

‪Like an anchor‬

‪And I am untethered‬

‪Where as drowning‬

‪Could have brought relief‬

‪I float instead‬

‪Praying for oblivion‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo by Nicole Oestreich

Let’s Go #junepoeticwings

A library of bindings

Wild words

With a magical glow

Rampant through out

Untamed tongues

Explosive tales

Unwilling to settle

Save for the extraordinary

That which moves stagnancy

To journey

©Entirety 2017

Cincinnati library – 📷 found on Pinterest

Dear Poet #poetry #sampler

‪Dear Poet‬
‪Let me sink in‬

‪To the way‬

‪You overwhelm‬

‪So I can do nothing‬

‪But inhale and exhale‬

‪The pieces of you‬

‪That have fallen from the sky‬

‪To nourish beauty‬

‪In my soul‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo found on Pinterest