Let’s Go #junepoeticwings

A library of bindings

Wild words

With a magical glow

Rampant through out

Untamed tongues

Explosive tales

Unwilling to settle

Save for the extraordinary

That which moves stagnancy

To journey

©Entirety 2017

Cincinnati library – 📷 found on Pinterest

Dear Poet #poetry #sampler

‪Dear Poet‬
‪Let me sink in‬

‪To the way‬

‪You overwhelm‬

‪So I can do nothing‬

‪But inhale and exhale‬

‪The pieces of you‬

‪That have fallen from the sky‬

‪To nourish beauty‬

‪In my soul‬

©Entirety 2017

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Honeysuckle #junepoeticwings

The wind rips through the peace

Wrangling chaos

Flowing northward

Then spiralling back in a tunnel

Just soon enough

To let the honeysuckle flower

Grip its stem

Unable to anticipate

The winds next move

It just prays it’s allowed

To get to full bloom

©Entirety 2017

My current view

Midnight Blooms #junefalls

He buried the midnight moonstone

And grew blooms

Unsavoury for days

Fragrant for the darkest of nights

But oh how they grew

Under the hand

Of the moon

©Entirety 2017

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The Bloom #poetry


Love grew in the shape

Of dark velvet blooms

That bled when it rained

Sparkled in the dew

And pricked the hands

That attempted to steal her glow

She grew selfish for the sun

Raging when it didn’t show

And withered chasing the heat

That couldn’t staunch the flow

Of the madness inside her

When she went without


She just wasn’t created

To go without


©Entirety 2017

So Many Pieces of Me #junepoeticwings #poeticwings

‪The night pulled me‬‪
Into a thousand different pieces‬
‪Separating heat from light‬
‪And quiet from stillness‬
‪Separating indigo from a magenta twilight‬
‪So I could walk into dawn‬
‪With a thousand different feelings‬
‪With illusive longings‬
‪And only a hair breadths away‬
‪From running back to the stars‬

©Entirety 2017

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Two Crowns #mayfalls

‪One crown of alder‬

‪Another of birch‬

‪A red thread‬

‪Wound through each‬

‪Binding each‬

‪Reflecting each‬

‪Into this timid night‬

‪Into this dark mirror of slate‬

‪Faintly gleaming on the shore‬

‪Of the loch‬

‪These wandering souls‬

‪Summoned to‬

‪Roaming endlessly this earth

©Entirety 2017

Photo by Natalia Drepina

Cascading Starlight #maypoeticwings #poeticwings 

Photo found on tumblr
‪Catching fire‬

‪In the palm of my hands‬

‪Feeling it exquisitely burn‬

‪For each cascading star‬

‪That drops‬

‪I cannot bear‬

‪To see them go uncaught‬

‪To have the heat dissipate‬

‪Just go to waste‬

‪To a cold‬ and hard earth‬

©Entirety 2017