Control #thoughtsfortheday


Over the past year especially, it’s taking me some time to realize that a lot of life is crazy and chaotic but there are always things in my control.

Weather I cannot control, what comes through the door at work I cannot control, there is even some pain you cannot control. But surrendering to thinking everything is out of your control is defeatest, it’s an excuse to blame everyone or everything for circumstance, and never taking charge over the things you can.

I chose two things: to accept the things I cannot change (to quote a famous AA prayer), and to take control of the few things I can. I can breathe, purposefully. I can block a troublemaker or not. I can pick up the phone, or not answer it. I can change jobs, or I can deal with my attitude about my present one.

the point is, more is in my control than I actually care to admit sometimes, because admitting this, means I am being honest that I am not a victim, and have a few things in my life over which I can control…even when it feels like it’s all going to shit.


Scar tissue #poetry 

‪Scar tissue

‬‪Is never as strong‬

‪As the flesh‬

‪That lay unscathed‬

‪The one before the wound‬

‪But the muscle underneath‬

‪That can be stronger‬

‪Than ever before‬

‪Scar tissue reminds us‬

‪We are not invincible‬

‪Scar tissue reminds us‬

‪That life‬

‪That love‬

‪And even hope‬

‪Can be fragile‬

‪But the spirit that lays beneath‬

‪This is the constant‬

‪We should hold on to‬

‪And we can build it‬

‪Or let it grow weak‬

‪But stronger‬

‪Is always in your control ‬

©Entirety 2017

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It Takes a Certain Man #julyfalls

‪Gallantly he fell‬‪

Betwixt and between‬

‪  illdefined ‬

‪     yet satisfied‬

‪With being seen‬

‪As misshapen‬

‪For societies norms‬

‪And he was never‬

‪More himself‬

‪Than when he lay‬

‪In the gap‬

‪Of what you think‬

‪He should be‬

©Entirety 2017

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The Birthing Bed #julyfalls

‪Silence from the raven‬

‪Perched on the post‬

‪Of the birthing bed‬

‪As the smells of earth‬

‪Copper and sweat‬

‪Fill the air‬

‪And an onyx stone‬

‪Warmed by flesh

‪Between a woman’s breasts‬

‪Welcomes the babe‬

‪And the raven squawks‬

‪With its very first breath‬

©Entirety 2017

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Unmoved #DearPoet #behindthescenes. #insidescoop

When I first started writing micropoetry on Twitter it wasn’t uncommon for a lot of poetic dancing to occur.  It was a type of “call and response,”  like some of the more traditional churches do with liturgical prayers.  The minster calls, the congregation responds.  On Twitter though the call and response tended to reside a bit more on the side of the profane as opposed to the sacred.  

I remember writing this piece, Unmoved, in a response to another poets prompting.  We were poeting about the vulnerability of expressing yourself through poetry.  I had this sense, even back then, that the words I put on the page would give me all away.  My fears, my fantasies, my anger and worst of all, my deficiencies.    

It was two years later, thanks to a girlfriend, I was introduced to Daring Greatly by Brené Brown.  She delves into the area of embracing vulnerability, to put oneself wholly into the arena to live instead of holing up on the sidelines where it feels safer; where feelings can’t be hurt, hearts can’t be broken and creativity not be judged.  

With pen in hand this was my goal.  To embrace the fact I may be exposing myself through my creativity, putting myself out there, and back when I wrote this piece, the sense that I both needed to and that I was a risk rang loudly true.  

My Dear Poet helped me to embrace putting myself out there, into the arena, to not only be judged though, but to be loved and enjoyed as well.   To paraphrase Brené Brown, if you are numbing yourself from feeling the bad in life, you are simultaneously numbing yourself to the joys.  You cannot selectively numb.

And I didn’t want to live life numb.  So exploring life through poetry, helped me gain the courage I needed to explore the pain, which silumtaneously, (and thankfully) the ability to feel joy.  So yeah, the drops of ink do expose me a bit, but they also free me.

©Entirety 2017

Dear Poet

If you are looking for Dear Poet:  A Book of Uncommon Prayers it can be found here:

Stone – #DearPoet #behindthescenes #insidescoop

Stone by Entirety J Roberts

Obviously some of what I write comes from life experience. This poem finds its way from two young adults, entering a marriage and a life we barely knew how to maintain. So when push came to shove and a marriage of 17 years came to its head, we became hardened towards pursuing one another with no energy left to give. We took a hard line, the disinterest, the lack of drive to pursue the work it would take to restore our marriage. Of course there is more to it, there is always more to it. But there came new beginnings; For both of us, with this loss. For me my resurrection came with pen and ink and finding out that I needed to find a part of life that was my own, and could fill my bucket. And I am grateful for my journey even though at times it has totally sucked.

©Entirety 2017
Dear Poet: A Book of Uncommon Prayers is a collection of sensual poetry by Entirety J Roberts now available on Amazon.  It is a compilation of nearly 100 poems pleading with the poet for the beauty and rawness that comes with life.  Find it here

Separating #SenseWrds

‪A head shake denial‬‪
That sends tears reeling‬
‪Down rivers‬
‪Flooding estuaries‬
‪Mixing salt and fresh water‬
‪Not knowing‬
‪How to separate one emotion out‬
‪From another‬

©Entirety 2017

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The Weight of Depression #julyfalls

‪I’m the shadow‬

‪In the light‬

‪Smoke and silence‬

‪In the night‬

‪Washed up and poured out‬

‪With very little fight‬

‪And I am tired‬

‪Oh so tired‬

‪Of wandering‬


‪Without a home‬


‪Oh so tired‬

‪Of wearing blues‬

‪And greys‬

‪Barely getting through‬

‪The pain

‪And one day I will wake‬

‪Six feet under‬

‪In a grave‬

‪And finally feel‬

‪This blanket of weight lift‬

‪This is all I crave‬

©Entirety 2017

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It’s Nearly Here! Cover Reveal!!! #DearPoet #poetry 

Only a few days left until Dear Poet can be out in your hands!!  A tireless and dedicated friend has been working on the technical end of things and I have been squeezing my brain for just the ability to follow along this road of self publishing!!  But it is nearly out!! 
A huge thanks to Nour Tohamy from IG ( @sparksflyidraw )  for her artwork which I gasped and fell in love with instantly!  
Stay tuned to this space!  

(jumps up and down) 

Paper boat #poetry 

‪Drifting away‬‪

On a paper boat‬

‪Made of poems‬

‪And obsolete thoughts‬

‪Longings sink‬

‪Like an anchor‬

‪And I am untethered‬

‪Where as drowning‬

‪Could have brought relief‬

‪I float instead‬

‪Praying for oblivion‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo by Nicole Oestreich