Anatomically Emotional #junefalls 

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‪An unsuspecting village‬

‪Of vessels & muscles‬

‪Invaded not‬

‪With further‬

‪Anatomical features‬

‪But instead‬

‪With blatant emotional‬

‪And sensual ones‬

‪Until love blew up the damn thing‬

‪Leaving it & me in pieces‬

‪It is no coincidence‬

‪That both the heart beating‬

‪And the heart loving‬

‪Are both responsible for life‬

‪And that neither one‬

‪Can we go without‬

‪And that both requires‬

‪A surgeon of its own kind‬

‪To piece us together‬

‪After the walls‬

‪Have been damaged‬

‪And we’ve fallen‬


©Entirety 2017

Her Skirt #poetry

She always saved the dress for him

But it was really about the dance

The way she knew his eyes travelled
The hem of her skirt

As she twirled

And that everything beneath

Lay within his grasp

©Entirety 2017

Uninhabitable #mayfalls

‪Wisdom evaporated

‬‪With the southern light‬

‪Until all I had‬

‪Were melancholic excuses‬

‪No forethought‬

‪For the differences‬

‪Between needs and wants‬

‪And I begged you to stay‬

‪Then pushed you to go‬

‪Felt uninhabitable‬

‪While moved with purpose‬

‪To say I had room for you‬

‪And I left you confused‬

‪Even more so than me‬

‪When the wisdom‬

‪Of a once stable heart‬

‪Gave it all away‬

‪And headed north‬

‪Where it felt most home‬

‪In the dark‬

©Entirety 2017

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A Beautiful Lie #maypoeticwings #poeticwings

 Maybe it is better‬

‪To let the moon lie‬

‪Just this once‬

‪To believe the story‬

‪Instead of pushing about‬

‪This hidden life‬

‪It wishes to keep‬

‪In the dark‬


‪From the touch of the sun‬


‪Let him lie‬

‪And eclipse‬

‪The truth‬

‪Just this once‬

©Entirety 2017

Two Crowns #mayfalls

‪One crown of alder‬

‪Another of birch‬

‪A red thread‬

‪Wound through each‬

‪Binding each‬

‪Reflecting each‬

‪Into this timid night‬

‪Into this dark mirror of slate‬

‪Faintly gleaming on the shore‬

‪Of the loch‬

‪These wandering souls‬

‪Summoned to‬

‪Roaming endlessly this earth

©Entirety 2017

Photo by Natalia Drepina

Glass Hearts #mayfalls 

‪For the jars he kept‬

‪Captured waves‬

‪Of glass wings‬


‪To the loves‬

‪He buried‬

‪In the ocean of his soul‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo by Artisanne on Flickr

Forlorn #mayfalls 

‪Can you not hear her

‬‪Crying out‬

‪With this ocean within‬

‪Do you not sense her depths‬

‪And wish not to jump in‬

‪Can you hear at all‬

‪Her desire‬

‪To sink into you‬

‪And rage her storms‬

‪In unison‬

‪With yours‬

‪If you cannot‬

‪She’s not sure‬

‪Just what she’ll do‬

‪For this tide‬

‪Has captured her‬

‪Just like you ‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo “borrowed” from Pinterest

The weight #poetry 

‪Brick by brick‬‪

My ghosts towered within

This strange sensation‬ buids

In my chest

‪Like they script my fears

‪From the inside out‬

‪Like I am one of them‬

Wanting to cling to a vacant gaze

Of hollow solitude 

‪A vessel

And ‪I sink to the bottom‬

‪Stealthly taking a breath‬

Before I go under

‪To avoid my circumspect reflection 

In the water

©Entirety 2017

Photo by mira-nedyalkova

Wanderlust Treasures #aprilfalls

‪How serendipitous that

‬‪You found the map‬

‪Detailing my heart‬

‪And led by fernweh‬

‪Took the journey‬

‪To see the world inside me‬

‪Because I too found you‬

‪And I gathered my senses‬

‪To travel you heart also‬

‪And am in awe‬

‪Of the person I found‬

©Entirety 2017

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Where Is The Magic #aprilfalls


Maybe the magic‬
‪Is in the presence‬
‪Instead of the fairy tale‬
‪Maybe the enchantment‬
‪Is in the gifts‬
‪You give of yourself‬
‪Maybe the fairy dust‬
‪Is the sun you get to watch‬
‪Dance in the freckles‬
‪On her nose‬
‪And maybe the spell you seek‬
‪Is her call in the night‬
‪As simple and pure‬
‪Asking for your entirety‬

‪©Entirety 2017‬