As We Wish #junefalls

‪Let us run ‬

Escape the rules‬

‪Of what society says‬

‪These ties that bind‬

‪About the ways‬

‪We must love‬

‪Shadow kissed instead‬

‪Free to be‬

‪As we wish‬

©Entirety 2017

Art by Rhyohei Hase

Black Pearls #junefalls

‪He craved‬

‪Her fair skin‬

‪Down to the black pearls‬

‪That hung loosely‬

‪Around her neck‬

‪Nipples erect‬

‪The space between‬

‪Her breasts‬

‪Pooling the opalescence‬

‪Of his overwhelming lust‬

©Entirety 2017

Midnight Blooms #junefalls

He buried the midnight moonstone

And grew blooms

Unsavoury for days

Fragrant for the darkest of nights

But oh how they grew

Under the hand

Of the moon

©Entirety 2017

Photo found on Pinterest

The Bloom #poetry


Love grew in the shape

Of dark velvet blooms

That bled when it rained

Sparkled in the dew

And pricked the hands

That attempted to steal her glow

She grew selfish for the sun

Raging when it didn’t show

And withered chasing the heat

That couldn’t staunch the flow

Of the madness inside her

When she went without


She just wasn’t created

To go without


©Entirety 2017

Her Skirt #poetry

She always saved the dress for him

But it was really about the dance

The way she knew his eyes travelled
The hem of her skirt

As she twirled

And that everything beneath

Lay within his grasp

©Entirety 2017

Whipped #poetry 

I am curious at the attention

Certain words get

Though it should not surprise 

That whips

And pain

Should attract the occasional gaze

But truly

What is it that attracts

When all other beauty

Lays at the feet of welts

And the work of a cane on my nakedness

Make no mistake

I see you 

And I see your craving

For the marks left deep in my flesh

©Entirety 2017

Photo found on tumblr

The Line She Walks #junefalls

‪She need not define‬‪

The line she walks‬

‪Of hedonistic souls‬

‪And the innocence of none‬

‪Where ripe outpourings‬

‪Flow unfettered‬

‪And fantasy mixes‬

‪With dirty bed sheets‬

‪She need not define herself‬

‪When lust or love calls‬

‪She simply is‬

‪What she is‬

‪For when winter comes

‪And time freezes‬

‪She will have lived‬

‪While the earth was hot‬

‪And her body wild‬

‪And she will have been taken in‬

‪By those who wanted and needed‬

‪Some will love‬

‪Some will give‬

‪Many will take‬

‪Many more will leave‬

‪But this is her path defined‬ or not

‪And the path she chooses

©Entirety 2017

Photo found on tumblr

Temperatures Rise #junepoeticwings #poeticwings


An empty bed‬
‪With lingering memories‬

‪Prompting a wry grin‬

‪And slow hands‬

‪A bottom lip succumbed‬

‪To a succulent ripening‬

‪Carrying its own flush‬

‪For the temperature rise‬

‪You began‬

©Entirety 2017