The Rain Fall #poetryinspiredbymusic #walkofftheearth

Through the valleys‬
‪I fostered a spirit‬
‪To release me‬
‪From the demons‬
‪Of being without you‬
‪My hand empty‬
‪Open and cupped‬
‪Eyes drifting‬
‪To a pewter sky‬
‪Knowing the rain fall‬
‪Would have to fill the vessel‬
‪And my soul’s requiem of longing
‪Making my peace‬
‪With being separated‬
‪From the out pouring of your love‬

©Entirety 2017


How Was I To Know #poetry

If I had known my bones

Would need carrying 

I would have never built

A home inside your heart

A burden unlike the one

I carried in your tears

An ocean of stories

I couldn’t let go of

And now the weight of yesteryear

Anchors us to one another

As we both beg the other

To cut the rope

©Entirety 2017




It’s Nearly Here! Cover Reveal!!! #DearPoet #poetry  — Entirety in Bits and Pieces

Much thanks Midwest 💜

Midwest Fantasy Writes

This is my dear friend and fellow poetry writer whom I’ve never met but love dearly.  When this comes out it will be a must read!!!

Only a few days left until Dear Poet can be out in your hands!! A tireless and dedicated friend has been working on the technical end of things and I have been squeezing my brain for just the ability to follow along this road of self publishing!! But it is nearly out!! A huge thanks […]

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Welts of the Cane 

Entirety in Bits and Pieces

A Lesson in Pain

He said life is cruel and she had no reason to doubt him. She went through the catalogue of the last decades of her own life, then broadened her thoughts to a world of poverty, disaster and hatred.

Life is cruel. It can be cruel.

I’m not here to blow sunshine up your ass, I’m here to teach you to endure, he said.

Life is cruel, and so is a sadist.

Tell me if you like the cane, he said. No, she replied, I do not like the cane.

Wrong answer. Life is cruel, and consequently painful.

Shoo, the cane went through the air. Cutting like a whip, faking a blow, never landing on her skin. She flinched. Every muscle, tensed for the cruelty of life to hit. Her jaw, her buttocks, her fists, clenched. Toes curled, eyes scrunched, the anticipation of pain, the tightening of…

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At the Edge

Hot my friend 😍

Midwest Fantasy Writes

he left me

He left me quivering

my surrender

to the ravage

of his lips, tongue, touch

then knowing

I could stand no more

the whisper

near my ear

“Just breathe”

claimed my final climax




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Portions of Me

Exactly so…

Midwest Fantasy Writes

via Daily Prompt: Portion

piecesEach of you

has taken a portion

of me

that I have

freely offered

with love

and all my heart

some of you

even get

extra helpings

because I see you

starved and needing

but there are days

I wonder

how much is really left

of myself




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A Lighthearted (and hilarious) poke at art imitating life #mamaconference2017

We laugh… but how much of this rings true??!!

Day 3 #wanderlust

After being convinced Skye was Quadpolar in regards to weather (rain, sleet, snow and sun) because of yesterday we were blown away at being graced with an entire day of sun.  

We started our day driving to the furthest west point in Isle of Skye to see a lighthouse at Neist Point. Oh. My. Word. The views were stunning and the threat of life from falling off a cliff high! The butterflies were incorrigible…and the shaky legs… BUT I SWEAR I AM NOT AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!! (Just afraid of coming home one co-worker short!!!)

Then we grabbed lunch and headed off to the Faery Glen where we explored this terrain that can only be described as something from a child’s story book!  I left a gift for the faerys and climbed along side a waterfall to see where it led…and got a booter…like 12 times. BUT OH MY GOD IT WAS WORTH IT FOR EVERY MOLECULE OF WATER THAT ENTERED MY SHOES!!

The girls took a climb up a mountain and I opted out due to a weeeeeee discomfort in me foot.  (Rest, ice, compress and elevate righty?) fuuuuuuck….  I missed out on the most dramatic view of the day, overlooking the dips and rolls of Skye from up high.  Giants left their foot prints.  Spectacular.


Day two #wanderlust 


We made our final destination of Inverness mostly in tact.  I mean all our belongings were in tact (ok except for a few spills in our bags) but our scrambled brains not so much from being awake so long. 

We hailed a cab from an airport smaller than Reginas, so small in fact we had to walk on and off the plane from the Tarmac.

The cab driver grilled us about our tour guide for tomorrow and often spoke so quickly in Scots we giggled for our lack of ability to keep up.  The hostel is fab…can’t go wrong for 26$ a night…and just down the street from a real live Scottish pub where we are Scottish food and drank non-Scottish ale.  Oh we have laughed…but I suspect I will not get much writing done on this journey.  And that’s ok, still plenty of adventuring to do!!!!
Today we are off to see an old battlefield from 1745, Culloden moor, it is where the last battle on Scottish soil took place and it is a memorial to the clans that were decimated that day .  We’ll see some standing stones and hopefully go back in time to find Jamie Fraser (juuuuust kiddin) a castle or two (I know!!!!!), and hopefully find coffee and more ale!! 
Ok I gotta go and find brekkie before Ally the tour guide arrives…