She’s such a girl #poetry

Such a fickle girl

A feeler girl

A wonderer

And a captivated girl

An overthinker

An overprocesser

An overthetop girl

(But mostly in her head)

She laughs too loud

She stores the world in her heart

She reacts before thinking

She finds beauty everywhere

I think I want to know this girl

I strongly suspect I am this girl

I imagine being no other girl

Now to love her as she is

©️Entirety 2018

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Letters #augustfalls18

If I am honest

My letter to the ocean

Is filled with a fear

Of not being strong enough

To swim its current

Of not being deep enough

To understand

Where it needs to go

Of not being generous enough

To let it ebb and flow

If I am honest

My letter to the sea

Is filled with longing

It is filled with a love

That wants to live with no bounds

It is filled with a raging passion

Only a sea could understand

And a need to explore caverns

These depths no land could ever know

It seems to me

Being in love with an ocean

Or a sea

Is a terribly exhilarating

And scary place to be

It seems to me

There is no other way

But to be engulfed

By its gravity

To feel its polar ends

Its surface and its depths

To wake at the end of all the morrows


Given all

And to have wholeheartedly

Received its gift

©️Entirety 2018

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Don’t Let Go #poetry

I love the way you hold me

When I’m sad

When I’m afraid

When I don’t know the way

When I say

The words that linger

On both our tongues

And echo in our ears

I love the way you kiss me

When we say hello

The goodbye less so

I love the way

When I need to know

You are there

Penetrating my soul

You don’t let go

©️Entirety 2018

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Cling to Life #poetry

Photo by Leo Ch.

In a broken fairy tale

I reside

Emptying pockets

Of pride and crown

And stones

Replace the gems

From a life

I never really held

Now I wander


Behind the rickety gates

Of an overgrown garden

Finding a few seeds, signs of life

When the wind chooses

To blow

And I’ll cling

©️Entirety 2018

A Shower in the Rain #poetry

Took a shower

In the rain

To escape

The part of me

That won’t shut down

Without the clawing sounds

Of time banging away

At its job

Trying to mute out the noise

Of the raging flame

That devours

The kindling in my brain

Before I can make sense

And just slow the fuck down

But the rain

It’s on its own time

Something I can’t control

With a swift kick

A brush stroke

Or even the ink pot

The rain just takes me away

To where all else

Has to wait

Even my own need

To control the release

Of what it means

To be fully me

©️Entirety 2018

Grief and the great divide #poetry


She was there‬‪

To watch you dance‬

‪To hold your hand‬

‪To kiss your cheek‬

‪Her heart‬

‪In every sigh‬

‪In every touch‬

‪In every breath‬

‪As you hold her‬


‪Across the unforgiving grave‬


‪Is the biggest threat to love‬

‪But not this day‬

‪This day is yours and hers‬

‪To mourn‬

‪As daughter and mom‬

©Entirety 2017

Irreverence #octoberfalls

‪Her irreverence blossomed
‬‪From years of taking life‬
‪Too seriously‬
‪She never meant harm‬
‪Or too much disrespect‬
‪But only to make foolhardy‬
‪What previously‬
‪She had been set to stone‬
‪To realize most of it‬
‪Was just crumbling sand‬
‪That the knife’s edge of life‬
‪Was more tricks and illusions‬
‪Of deadly steel‬
‪When rather it was blunted‬
‪A sharpness‬
‪That could barely expose truth‬
‪With one draw of a blade‬
‪At the end of the day‬

©Entirety 2017

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