Thoughtful Rain


(Photograph found on Pinterest)

I couldn’t help but stay awake

To listen to the rain fall

Thinking of you

Succumbing to sleep

As I remember each drop

That poured over my soul

When you carried me away

Washed in ache

Pressed by fervour

Into a cascade of powerful flow

That allowed two hearts

To build in ecstasy

To set course towards a dam

Destined to break

Under the weight of passion

And to drown in love




Wordless Art

Where words lack my body does not
With each breath
A soulful attempt to compel
With my heart beat
A yearning expressed
My skin
An ivory parchment
To scribe the ways
My body must confess
The urgent love I feel for you
My lips move
In rhythm to brush with yours
The meaning of ardent want
In every violent thrust
Grasping the depth of script
With moans and sighs as
The finale to a wordless piece of art

Her Empty Bucket

She reached into her well
With an empty bucket
And Her heart filled
With plenty of nothing
Unquenched in spirit
She sought her fill
But parched and dry she was
No single act
Brought her here
No loss of love
Or infidel
Could explain her empty hole
The one she had always known
Since she had grown
That said her her heart
Was unloveable

(Print by Mike Savad)

Inspire Me


(Internet image)

Steal my breath with beauty
Stir my world with passion
Touch me with tender intent
And I am forever in your debt ~