Memories & Trainwrecks #januaryfalls

Photo by TJ Tunnington

‪After the fire raged‬

‪And we were left‬

‪In a fleury of ashes‬

‪What came to mind‬

‪As you watched me‬

‪Walk away‬

‪Down a train track‬

‪Of memories‬

‪And accidents‬

‪Would it be the collateral damage‬

‪Or collateral beauty‬

‪In my wake‬

‪I know the answer‬

‪And it’s why I left‬

©Entirety 2017

Lock & Key #januaryfalls

Photo by Ross McGinnes on Flickr

‪The doors you have under‬‪

Lock and key‬

‪Make me wanna crawl‬

‪Through your windows‬

‪To take you by storm‬

‪But instead I step back‬

‪Well aware‬

‪Love should only enter‬

‪When invited‬

©Entirety 2017

A Winter’s Oasis #januaryfalls

‪An oasis treasured

‬‪Into a place I go‬

‪Marked silently‬

‪Between the trees‬

‪Except for the falling snow‬

‪And the crackling‬

‪Of a winter warmth‬

‪You prepared for me‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo found on Pinterest

colours of me 

Photo unsourced found via Pinterest


Mostly I am related

To unmellow yellows

But occasionally?

Outrageous orange

Slips in the mix

Yeah, obnoxious even

That includes me too

Though mostly

I fall between the blues and grays

Call me timberwolf wild

Or his midnight hue

Knowing some days though

I was born to be scarlet red

With a trace of burnt orange

From the embers I’ve left behind

In his bed

So tickle me pink

Beneath the sheets

And I’ll straighten my new frames 

On the outside to at least come across

As antique brass

Or maybe instead

A fallen in line cadet blue

But when no ones looking

I am all the colours

It just depends

Who I am with

Me alone or me with you

©Entirety 2017

Let Me Dance Here #januaryfalls

‪There is only one‬‪

That holds my heart prisoner‬

‪It’s the melody in the mist‬

‪Over moors‬

‪And mountains‬

‪And I am its willing captive‬


‪Inside its mystic song‬

©Entirety 2017

Scottish Highlands, my photo

Lettered Loss #januaryfalls

Photo from Pinterest

‪What if I told you‬

‪The lettered loss‬

‪I suffered‬

‪Was by the hand you withdrew‬

‪Taking my words‬

‪With you?‬

‪Would you scour‬

‪Your book shelves‬

‪Your nightstands‬

‪In between the couch cushions‬

‪For every drop of ink‬

‪And sentiment they came with‬

‪Or would you toss them‬

‪Before you read them‬

‪And read through‬

‪My heart once more‬

‪I don’t know‬

‪how it would help to know‬

‪But I just can’t let the thought go‬

©Entirety 2017

Curves #januaryfalls

‪See how your light‬‪
Curves around‬

‪The edges of my soul‬
‪Your luminescent touch‬

‪To the dark places
‬‪Of my heart‬

‪Watch how shadows dim‬‪
By your presence‬

‪And how love  sheds‬‪
A new day‬

©Entirety 2017

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Scattered Dreams #januaryfalls 

‪You scattered moments

‬‪Of light‬

‪In my night‬

‪And memories‬

‪To harbour in dreams‬

‪The kind you wish‬

‪To never wake up from

And relive

Over and over again

©Entirety 2017

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Time Stands Still 

How time

Was mesmerized

Into submission

By cobblestone and brick

Mortar that kept

History’s tomes

Locked away


In our grasp

©Entirety 2017

Photo from tumblr