Thicker Than Blood


From the cup we drank
Thicker than blood
More intoxicating than wine
Our taste of heaven
Under the stars
With our names
Written on them
The moons of two lives collide
We were one another’s offering
Replacing a God of Ashes
And bitter grapes
We were one another’s religion
To the end

©Entirety 2016

Poetry of Loss

artwork found on tumblr

Your poetry wrapped her in a blanket

Of midnight and melancholy

Sprouting rain from stars

And bitter cold from the moon

You carved loss

Into her bones

And she had no right to dismay

She had never witnessed

Such beautiful in sadness

Such pain from an hour on the clock

Or such love you could have

In such a dark place

And you made her love it too

©Entirety 2016

Hello to Pain


I looked at you
Whiskey bottle in hand
And knew
How meeting you
Would just lead into
My ode to goodbye
Another kiss
On the way out the door
A smack on the ass
By text
But your hello
Was irresistible
And I am a sucker
Nearly every time

©Entirety 2016




Perpetually Craving 

You shouldn’t

Have let me love you

Your distance now

Is too far to fill

These constant cravings

Now hidden from your gaze

My skin

Perpetually aflame

©Entirety 2016

photo found on Pinterest

An excerpt from #ADateInTheLife – Subtle Hints You’re a Booty Call

Ten subtle and not so subtle ways they let you know you’re just a booty call:

1) they only text when they want sex. (No brainer right?!? The first stage is acceptance people.)

2) they don’t see you out, instead they yell something incoherently from another part of the house as you exit their door at 2am.

3) they want to share you with their friends. (#jokingnotjoking)

4) when you show up at their house and there is evidence of a date taking place just hours prior.

5) they only text you when they want sex. (Denial denial denial)

6) they don’t take you out to movies, for coffee or walks. (Aka if you can’t be naked they won’t be taking you there)

7) they don’t ask about your kids, your job, your anything. (Or if they do its just to bridge the gap to the awkward goodbye that they are yelling incoherently from another room.)

8) they tell you they miss your kitty but not you.

9) they don’t text you in between those texts about them wanting to get together to have sex. 

10) they tell you they’ve met someone…and it’s not you…but still text you when they want sex.

If you’re still not sure, friends are pretty good at giving feedback if you can take the honesty.  All of these red flags though are only red flags if you want them to be.  Not everyone is looking for a relationship, some are just interested in a place to let go, and if you are happy with pleasure alone they’ll be no judgment from me.  But if you’re wondering if you’re just a booty call, you’re already most likely in some form of smitten denial.  

And I totally can’t relate. (Insert sarcastic eye rolling emoji here.)

No matter how you look at it though, you know you’re fucked.  Now that’s just bare honesty.

©Entirety 2016

photo from tumblr

This excerpt is from a series I began on getting back into dating after nearly twenty years of being out of the dating loop, some are my personal experiences, some have been relayed to me by others, some will make your jaw hang open in disgust, some will make you giggle, others will hopefully make you think…enjoy; the beginning of the series starts here on Wattpad

Burning Up

Burning up

This one way track

Barely breathing

As the bleeding

Finally slowed

And as I move away from you

A gasp of life returns

The path is set

Headed home

©Entirety 2016

photo found on tumblr

Mulch and Mire

photo by Mihai Dulu

Lost strokes

Inside the mulch and mire

In winters approach

Letters and leaves

Scatter our way

Of naked elms

Inconsolable limbs

Illegible ink

As the shaking hand

That writes

Fills with intemperate moods

Causing autumn to flee



photo found on Facebook

Beneath the brave

Ghost of graves

Fled my soft soft heart
Blood be bled

Trade instead

Life for an ending
Tell me why

Wretched sky

How you shine
When all the pain

You wore in grey

Now shimmers silver 
And 6 feet deep

I lay my love

For just another burial

©Entirety 2016

Lying Eyes

The sky falls

With lying eyes

A subtle nuance

At dawn

Turned rage

At noon

Uncovering the seconds

That laid

Between its truth

When it believed

It fell for you

©Entirety 2016

photo by Farshid Alizadeh