How Was I To Know #poetry

If I had known my bones

Would need carrying 

I would have never built

A home inside your heart

A burden unlike the one

I carried in your tears

An ocean of stories

I couldn’t let go of

And now the weight of yesteryear

Anchors us to one another

As we both beg the other

To cut the rope

©Entirety 2017




Aurora #augustfalls

Control #thoughtsfortheday


Over the past year especially, it’s taking me some time to realize that a lot of life is crazy and chaotic but there are always things in my control.

Weather I cannot control, what comes through the door at work I cannot control, there is even some pain you cannot control. But surrendering to thinking everything is out of your control is defeatest, it’s an excuse to blame everyone or everything for circumstance, and never taking charge over the things you can.

I chose two things: to accept the things I cannot change (to quote a famous AA prayer), and to take control of the few things I can. I can breathe, purposefully. I can block a troublemaker or not. I can pick up the phone, or not answer it. I can change jobs, or I can deal with my attitude about my present one.

the point is, more is in my control than I actually care to admit sometimes, because admitting this, means I am being honest that I am not a victim, and have a few things in my life over which I can control…even when it feels like it’s all going to shit.


Scar tissue #poetry 

‪Scar tissue

‬‪Is never as strong‬

‪As the flesh‬

‪That lay unscathed‬

‪The one before the wound‬

‪But the muscle underneath‬

‪That can be stronger‬

‪Than ever before‬

‪Scar tissue reminds us‬

‪We are not invincible‬

‪Scar tissue reminds us‬

‪That life‬

‪That love‬

‪And even hope‬

‪Can be fragile‬

‪But the spirit that lays beneath‬

‪This is the constant‬

‪We should hold on to‬

‪And we can build it‬

‪Or let it grow weak‬

‪But stronger‬

‪Is always in your control ‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo from tumblr

Cemetery Secrets #augustfalls

‪I keep searching 

In hopes of finding you‬

‪But cemetery secrets‬

‪Are rather coming through‬

‪And it’s only your ghost‬

‪That still lives here‬

‪And why should I be surprised‬

‪That the secret‬

‪That I still love you‬

‪Is written everywhere‬

‪But on the stone‬

‪That holds your name‬

©Entirety 2017

Photo unsourced