Uninhabitable #mayfalls

‪Wisdom evaporated

‬‪With the southern light‬

‪Until all I had‬

‪Were melancholic excuses‬

‪No forethought‬

‪For the differences‬

‪Between needs and wants‬

‪And I begged you to stay‬

‪Then pushed you to go‬

‪Felt uninhabitable‬

‪While moved with purpose‬

‪To say I had room for you‬

‪And I left you confused‬

‪Even more so than me‬

‪When the wisdom‬

‪Of a once stable heart‬

‪Gave it all away‬

‪And headed north‬

‪Where it felt most home‬

‪In the dark‬

©Entirety 2017

Unsourced photo found on Pinterest

A Dream #mayfalls

I had a dream

To attract a bird of prey

The predators



Calling them to play

So I slipped into

A nightingales song

Led them down a shadowed path

And watched the confusion

As they fought it out

Who would tear the flesh

From my very neck

Who would steal my very last breath

Bloodied I trailed off

Note by note

While the true nightingale

Began to sing

All alone

But intact


And for that my act was selfish

I only wanted her to play

My funeral song

Without the worry of being hurried along

©Entirety 2017

Photo by mmarsupilami on Flickr

A Beautiful Lie #maypoeticwings #poeticwings

 Maybe it is better‬

‪To let the moon lie‬

‪Just this once‬

‪To believe the story‬

‪Instead of pushing about‬

‪This hidden life‬

‪It wishes to keep‬

‪In the dark‬


‪From the touch of the sun‬


‪Let him lie‬

‪And eclipse‬

‪The truth‬

‪Just this once‬

©Entirety 2017

Restless & Wild #poetry 

‪He called me restless‬‪ and wild‬

He called me in time‬

He called me under a guise‬
‪I could get high‬
‪On his love‬
‪Until the ground shook again‬
‪For more‬
‪Surrendered I would depart‬

‪But restless just grew‬
‪For more of him‬
‪And wild just blossomed‬
‪Right under him‬

‪So restless and wild‬

‪I still reside‬




©Entirety 2017

Photo from Pinterest -unsourced

To those who wake without #poetry 

‪A small girl wakes‬

‪To a steel sky‬

‪Out her window‬

‪Rain creeping already‬

‪Into her short lived day‬

‪And her eye catches‬

‪The robin below‬

‪Emptying its red breast‬

‪So soon‬

‪So she could wake in peace‬

‪Again tomorrow‬

And how grown she has become

Learning that even the birds song

Can sometimes end

With no sun in sight

©Entirety 2017

Photo found on Pinterest – not sourced

Two Crowns #mayfalls

‪One crown of alder‬

‪Another of birch‬

‪A red thread‬

‪Wound through each‬

‪Binding each‬

‪Reflecting each‬

‪Into this timid night‬

‪Into this dark mirror of slate‬

‪Faintly gleaming on the shore‬

‪Of the loch‬

‪These wandering souls‬

‪Summoned to‬

‪Roaming endlessly this earth

©Entirety 2017

Photo by Natalia Drepina

Afixed Wrists #mayfalls

The growls‬

‪Between your teeth‬

As you afix

These leather bound wrists

‪The resistance‬

‪In your jaw‬

‪The way you need to spill‬

‪Your violent pursuit‬

‪It’s written‬ in your eyes

And in the wry smile

‪Of your prey‬

©Entirety 2017

Cascading Starlight #maypoeticwings #poeticwings 

Photo found on tumblr
‪Catching fire‬

‪In the palm of my hands‬

‪Feeling it exquisitely burn‬

‪For each cascading star‬

‪That drops‬

‪I cannot bear‬

‪To see them go uncaught‬

‪To have the heat dissipate‬

‪Just go to waste‬

‪To a cold‬ and hard earth‬

©Entirety 2017